rlist Tutorial


In this chapter, the features of rlist will be demonstrated in detail. Although each function in the package is designed to do only a simple thing, it is the combination of functions that make it much easier to work with non-tabular data represented by lists.

The main features of rlist are listed in the navigation bar on the left. Each category may include one or more functions. In addition to the featured functions, a number of helper functions are covered along with them too.

To demonstrate the basic idea of the features, we will first use the small sample data stored in JSON and shown in the following table:

Name Age Interests Expertise
Ken 24 reading, music, movies R:2, C#:4, Python:3
James 25 sports, music R:3, Java:2, C++:5
Penny 24 movies, reading R:1, C++:4, Python:2

The examples may use the larger sample data to demonstrate more comprehensive uses.

As more features are introduced, the later pages will use more functions and combinations than former pages in the beginning.