Most HTML elements can be stylized by a set of CSS style properties. This function helps build CSS strings using conventional argument-passing in R.




style attributes in form of name = value. Many CSS properties contains '-' in the middle of their names. In this case, use "the-name" = value instead. NA will cancel the attribute.


a string-representation of css styles


The general usage of CSS styling is

<span style = "color: red; border: 1px">Text</span>

The text color can be specified by color, the border of element by border, and etc.

Basic styles like color, border, background work properly and mostly consistently in modern web browsers. However, some style properties may not work consistently in different browsers.


style(color = "red")
#> [1] "color: red"
style(color = "red", "font-weight" = "bold")
#> [1] "color: red; font-weight: bold"
style("background-color" = "gray", "border-radius" = "4px")
#> [1] "background-color: gray; border-radius: 4px"
style("padding-right" = "2px")
#> [1] "padding-right: 2px"

formattable(mtcars, list(
  mpg = formatter("span",
    style = x ~ style(color = ifelse(x > median(x), "red", NA)))))