This package is designed for applying formatting on vectors and data frames to make data presentation easier, richer, more flexible and hopefully convey more information.


Atomic vectors are basic units to store data. Some data can be read more easily with formatting. A numeric vector, for example, stores a group of percentage numbers yet still shows in the form of typical floating numbers. This package provides functions to create data structures with predefined formatting rules so that these objects stores the original data but are printed with formatting.

On the other hand, in a typical workflow of dynamic document production, knitr and rmarkdown are powerful tools to render documents with R code to different types of portable documents.

knitr package is able to render a RMarkdown document (markdown document with R code chunks to be executed sequentially) to Markdown document. rmarkdown calls pandoc to render markdown document to HTML web page. To put a table from a data.frame on the page, one may call knitr::kable() to produce its markdown representation. By default the resulted table is in a plain theme with no additional formatting. However, in some cases, additional formatting may help clarify the information and make contrast of the data.